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    • Nonparametric circular methods for density and regression 

      Oliveira Pérez, María (2014-02-04)
      The goal of this dissertation is to introduce nonparametric methods for density and regression estimation for circular data, analyzing their performance through simulation studies and illustrating their use by real data ...
    • NPCirc: An R package for nonparametric circular methods 

      Oliveira Pérez, María; Crujeiras Casais, Rosa María; Rodríguez Casal, Alberto (American Statistical Association, 2014-10)
      Nonparametric density and regression estimation methods for circular data are included in the R package NPCirc. Speci cally, a circular kernel density estimation procedure is provided, jointly with di erent alternatives ...
    • Optimal cutoff points for classification in diagnostic studies: new contributions and software development 

      López Ratón, Mónica (2016-04-15)
      Continuous diagnostic tests (biomarkers or risk markers) are often used to discriminate between healthy and diseased populations. For the clinical application of such tests, the key aspect is how to select an appropriate ...

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