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    • An Opinion Paper on Aerogels for Biomedical and Environmental Applications 

      García González, Carlos Alberto; Budtova, Tatiana; Duräes, Luisa; Erkey, Can; Gaudio, Pasquale del; Gurikov, Pavel; Koebel, Matthias; Liebner, Falk; Neagu, Monica; Smirnova, Irina (MDPI, 2019)
      Aerogels are a special class of nanostructured materials with very high porosity and tunable physicochemical properties. Although a few types of aerogels have already reached the market in construction materials, textiles ...
    • Bioaerogels: Promising Nanostructured Materials in Fluid Management, Healing and Regeneration of Wounds 

      Bernardes, Beatriz; Gaudio, Pasquale del; Alves, Paulo; Costa, Raquel; García González, Carlos Alberto; Oliveira, Ana (MDPI, 2021)
      Wounds affect one’s quality of life and should be managed on a patient-specific approach, based on the particular healing phase and wound condition. During wound healing, exudate is produced as a natural response towards ...
    • Jet Cutting Technique for the Production of Chitosan Aerogel Microparticles Loaded with Vancomycin 

      López Iglesias, Clara; Barros, Joana; Ardao Palacios, Inés; Gurikov, Pavel; Monteiro, Fernando J.; Smirnova, Irina; Álvarez Lorenzo, Carmen Isabel; García González, Carlos Alberto (MDPI, 2020)
      Biopolymer-based aerogels can be obtained by supercritical drying of wet gels and endowed with outstanding properties for biomedical applications. Namely, polysaccharide-based aerogels in the form of microparticles are of ...

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