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    • Multiple Solutions Starting from Real Shaped Beams in Equispaced Linear Arrays 

      Salas Sánchez, Aarón Ángel; López Castro, Camilo; Rocca, Paolo; Rodríguez González, Juan Antonio; López Martín, María Elena; Ares Pena, Francisco José (MDPI, 2021)
      In the present work, the theoretical basis of the multiplicity of solutions obtained from an initial real symmetric distribution is derived. This initial solution is devoted to generating an equivalent pure real shaped-beam ...
    • A plug-in bandwidth selector for nonparametric quantile regression 

      Conde Amboage, Mercedes; Sánchez Sellero, César Andrés (Springer, 2018)
      In the framework of quantile regression, local linear smoothing techniques have been studied by several authors, particularly by Yu and Jones (J Am Stat Assoc 93:228–237, 1998). The problem of bandwidth selection was ...

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