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    • Advanced Materials Based on Nanosized Hydroxyapatite 

      Rial Silva, Ramón; González Durruthy, Michael; Liu, Zhen; Ruso Beiras, Juan Manuel (MDPI, 2021)
      The development of new materials based on hydroxyapatite has undergone a great evolution in recent decades due to technological advances and development of computational techniques. The focus of this review is the various ...
    • Application of Shark Teeth–Derived Bioapatites as a Bone Substitute in Veterinary Orthopedics. Preliminary Clinical Trial in Dogs and Cats 

      García González, Mario; Muñoz Guzón, Fernando María; González Cantalapiedra, Antonio; González Fernández, Pío Manuel; Otero Pérez, Rafael; Serra Rodríguez, Julia Asunción (Frontiers, 2020)
      Background: The autograft is still considered the gold standard for the treatment of bone defects. However, given the significant morbidity of the donor site with which it has been associated, alternative substitutes for ...
    • Biomaterials to suppress cancer stem cells and disrupt their tumoral niche 

      Garcia-Mazas, Carla; Csaba, Noemi; García-Fuentes, Marcos (Elsevier, 2017-05-25)
      Lack of improvement in the treatment options of several types of cancer can largely be attributed to the presence of a subpopulation of cancer cells with stem cell signatures and to the tumoral niche that supports and ...
    • Current Situation and Challenges in Vitreous Substitutes 

      Mondelo García, Cristina; Bandín Vilar, Enrique; García Quintanilla, Laura; Castro Balado, Ana; del Amo, Eva María; Gil Martínez, María; Blanco Teijeiro, María José; González Barcia, Luis Miguel; Zarra Ferro, Irene; Fernández Ferreiro, Anxo; Otero Espinar, Francisco Javier (Wiley, 2021)
      Vitreo-retinal disorders constitute a significant portion of treatable ocular diseases. These pathologies often require vitreo-retinal surgery and, as a consequence, the use of vitreous substitutes. Nowadays, the vitreous ...
    • Does the Animal Model Influence in Vertical Alveolar Distraction? A Systematic Review of the Literature 

      García González, Mario; Muñoz Guzón, Fernando María; González Cantalapiedra, Antonio; López Peña, Mónica; Saulacic, Nikola (MDPI, 2020)
      This study is aimed at synthesizing all available evidence on vertical alveolar osteogenesis distraction (VAOD) in animal trials to determine whether the animal model used and its handling influence or not, and find which ...
    • Nanomedicines for cell reprogramming in tissue engineering and immunomodulation 

      Martínez Ledo, Adriana (2018)
      The main goal of this thesis has been the development of various RNA-based therapies to modulate cell phenotypes in two different disease contexts: cancer and tissue engineering. Given the poor cell-permeability of naked ...
    • Uso de suelo y biomateriales 

      Garraín, Daniel; Vidal, Rosario; Franco, Vicente (2008)
      A la hora de diseñar un producto realizado con materiales biodegradables, se deben tener en cuenta todos los impactos asociados a lo largo de su ciclo de vida. La mayoría de los Análisis de Ciclo de Vida (ACV) existentes sobre ...

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