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    • Bandwidth selection for kernel density estimation with length-biased data 

      Borrajo García, María Isabel; González Manteiga, Wenceslao; Martínez Miranda, María Dolores (Taylor & Francis, 2017)
      Length-biased data are a particular case of weighted data, which arise in many situations: biomedicine, quality control or epidemiology among others. In this paper we study the theoretical properties of kernel density ...
    • Burned area prediction with semiparametric models 

      Boubeta Martínez, Miguel; Lombardía Cortiña, María José; González Manteiga, Wenceslao; Marey Pérez, Manuel Francisco (Csiro Publishing, 2015)
      Wildfires are one of the main causes of forest destruction, especially in Galicia (north-west Spain), where the area burned by forest fires in spring and summer is quite high. This work uses two semiparametric time-series ...
    • Estimates and bootstrap calibration for functional regression with scalar response 

      Martínez Calvo, Adela (2013-05-13)
      The author proposes new presmoothed FPCA-estimators and bootstrap methods for functional linear regression with scalar response, and a thresholding procedure, which detects hidden patterns, for nonparametric functional ...
    • Testing for the equality of k regression curves 

      Pardo Fernández, Juan Carlos; Keilegom, Ingrid van; González Manteiga, Wenceslao (Academia Sinica, Institute of Statistical Science, 2007)
      Assume that (Xj , Yj ) are independent random vectors satisfying the nonparametric regression models Yj = mj (Xj ) + σj (Xj )εj , for j = 1, . . . , k, where mj (Xj ) = E(Yj |Xj ) and σ 2 j (Xj ) = Var (Yj |Xj ) are ...

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