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    • Evolution of the binge drinking pattern in college students: neuropsychological correlates 

      López Caneda, Eduardo Guillermo; Rodríguez Holguín, Socorro; Doallo Pesado, Sonia; Corral Varela, María Montserrat; Cadaveira Mahía, Fernando (Elsevier, 2014)
      It is well known that alcohol impairs response inhibition and that adolescence is a critical period of neuromaturation where cognitive processes such as inhibitory control are still developing. In recent years, growing ...
    • Impact of alcohol use on inhibitory control (and vice versa) during adolescence and young adulthood 

      López Caneda, Eduardo Guillermo; Rodríguez Holguín, Socorro; Cadaveira Mahía, Fernando; Corral Varela, María Montserrat; Doallo Pesado, Sonia (Oxford University Press, 2014)
      Aims: Adolescence is usually the time when individuals first drink alcohol and this has been associated with relatively weak or immature inhibitory control. This review examines the changes on brain development and inhibitory ...

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