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    • Assessing Simplifying Hypotheses in Density Estimation 

      Ameijeiras Alonso, José (2017)
      In the classical statistical analysis of univariate random variables, most distribution approaches are focused on phenomena that are symmetrically distributed and concentrated around a single point. However, such models ...
    • Nonparametric circular methods for density and regression 

      Oliveira Pérez, María (2014-02-04)
      The goal of this dissertation is to introduce nonparametric methods for density and regression estimation for circular data, analyzing their performance through simulation studies and illustrating their use by real data ...
    • Nonparametric inference with directional and linear data 

      García Portugués, Eduardo (2015-01-20)
      The term directional data refers to data whose support is a circumference, a sphere or, generally, an hypersphere of arbitrary dimension. This kind of data appears naturally in several applied disciplines: proteomics, ...

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