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    • Cp*RuCl-Vinyl Carbenes: Two Faces and the Bifunctional Role in Catalytic Processes 

      Padín Santos, Damián; Varela Carrete, Jesús Ángel; Saá Rodríguez, Carlos (Wiley, 2020)
      Ruthenium vinyl carbenes derived from Cp/Cp*RuCl‐based complexes (Cp=cyclopentadiene, Cp*=1,2,3,4,5‐pentamethylcyclopentadiene) have been routinely invoked as key intermediates in tandem reactions involving a carbene/alkyne ...
    • Exploring a route to cyclic acenes by on-surface synthesis 

      Schulz, Fabian; García Melo, Fátima; Kaisser, Katharina; Pérez Meirás, María Dolores; Guitián Rivera, Enrique Carlos; Gross, Leo; Peña Gil, Diego (Willey, 2019)
      A route to generate cyclacenes by on-surface synthesis is explored. We started by synthesizing two tetraepoxycyclacenes by sequences of Diels–Alder cycloadditions. Subsequently, these molecules were deposited onto ...
    • Gold (I) catalyzed intermolecular cycloadditions of allenes 

      Ferreira Faustino, Hélio Manuel (2014-07-22)
      Gold (I) catalyzed intermolecular cycloadditions of allenes Herein, we describe our efforts in the development of intermolecular Au-catalyzed cycloadditions with allenic scaffolds. In particular, we demonstrate that the ...
    • Gold(I)-catalyzed [2 + 2 + 2] cycloaddition of allenamides, alkenes and aldehydes: a straightforward approach to tetrahydropyrans 

      Faustino, Hélio; Varela Sandá, Iván; Mascareñas Cid, José Luis; López García, Fernando (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015-03-02)
      Allenamides participate as two-carbon components in an intermolecular [2 + 2 + 2] cycloaddition with alkenes and aldehydes when treated with catalytic amounts of a phosphite gold complex. The reaction is highly regio- and ...
    • Intracellular Ruthenium‐Promoted (2+2+2) Cycloadditions 

      Miguel Ávila, Joan; Tomás Gamasa, María; Mascareñas Cid, José Luis (Wiley, 2020)
      Metal‐mediated intracellular reactions are becoming invaluable tools in chemical and cell biology, and hold promise for strongly impacting the field of biomedicine. Most of the reactions reported so far involve either ...
    • Nickel-Catalyzed Intramolecular [3 + 2 + 2] Cycloadditions of Alkylidenecyclopropanes. A Straightforward Entry to Fused 6,7,5- Tricyclic Systems 

      Saya Codesal, Lucía; Fernández, Israel; Mascareñas Cid, José Luis; López García, Fernando (American Chemical Society, 2014-09-18)
      A highly diastereo- and chemoselective intramolecular nickel-catalyzed cycloaddition of alkene- and alkyne-tethered alkynylidenecyclopropanes is reported. The method constitutes the first fully intramolecular [3 + 2 + 2] ...
    • Rhodium-Catalyzed Intramolecular [3+2+2] Cycloadditions between Alkylidenecyclopropanes, Alkynes, and Alkenes 

      Araya, Marisel; Gulías Costa, Moisés; Fernández, Israel; Bhargava, Gaurav; Castedo Expósito, José Luis; Mascareñas Cid, José Luis; López García, Fernando (WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH, 2014-07-17)
      A Rh-catalyzed intramolecular [3+2+2] cycloaddition is reported. The cycloaddition affords synthetically relevant 5,7,5-fused tricyclic systems of type 2 from readily available dienyne precursors. The transformation takes ...
    • Straightforward Synthesis of Novel Acene-Based Aryne Precursors 

      Rodríguez-Lojo, Diego; Peña Gil, Diego; Pérez Meirás, María Dolores; Guitián Rivera, Enrique (Thieme Publishing, 2015-06-11)
      Large polycyclic o-(trimethylsilyl)aryl triflates are easily obtained by reaction of commercially available bisaryne precursors with cyclopentadienones. The transformation involves controlled generation of one of the aryne ...

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