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    • Global attraction in a system of delay differential equations via compact and convex sets 

      Buedo Fernández, Sebastián (American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2020)
      We provide sufficient conditions for a concrete type of systems of delay differential equations (DDEs) to have a global attractor. The principal idea is based on a particular type of global attraction in difference equations ...
    • Nontrivial solutions of inverse discrete problems with sign-changing nonlinearities 

      Cabada Fernández, Alberto; Dimitrov, Nikolay D. (Springer, 2019)
      This paper is concerned with the existence of solutions of an inverse discrete problem with sign-changing nonlinearity. This kind of problems includes, as a particular case, nth order difference equations coupled with ...
    • The number of reduced alignments between two DNA sequences 

      Andrade, Helena; Area Carracedo, Iván Carlos; Nieto Roig, Juan José; Torres Iglesias, Ángela Juana (BioMed Central, 2014)
      Background In this study we consider DNA sequences as mathematical strings. Total and reduced alignments between two DNA sequences have been considered in the literature to measure their similarity. Results for explicit ...

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