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    • Disentangling Genetic Variation for Resistance and Endurance to Scuticociliatosis in Turbot Using Pedigree and Genomic Information 

      Saura, María; Carabaño, María J.; Fernández, Almudena; Cabaleiro, Santiago; Doeschl Wilson, Andrea B.; Anacleto, Osvaldo; Maroso, Francesco; Millán Pérez, Adrián; Hermida Prieto, Miguel; Fernández López, Carlos; Martínez Portela, Paulino; Villanueva, Beatriz (Frontiers Media, 2019)
      Selective breeding for improving host responses to infectious pathogens is a promising option for disease control. In fact, disease resilience, the ability of a host to survive or cope with infectious challenge, has become ...
    • Does the Disease of the Person Receiving Care Affect the Emotional State of Non-professional Caregivers? 

      Otero Otero, Patricia; Torres Iglesias, Ángela Juana; Vázquez González, Fernando Lino; Blanco Seoane, Vanessa; Ferraces Otero, María José; Díaz Fernández, Olga (Frontiers Research Foundation, 2019)
      Research on mental health of non-professional caregivers has focused on caregivers of people with specific diseases, especially dementia. Less is known about caregivers of people with other diseases. The aims of this ...

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