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    • 8‐Aminomethyl‐7‐hydroxy‐4‐methylcoumarins as Multitarget Leads for Alzheimer's Disease 

      Domínguez, José L.; Fernández-Nieto, Fernando; Brea Floriani, José Manuel; CATTO, Marco; Paleo, M. Rita; Porto, Silvia; Sardina, F. Javier; Castro, Marian; PISANI, Leonardo; Carotti, Angelo; Soto-Otero, Ramón; Méndez-Álvarez, Estefanía; Villaverde Cameron-Walker, María del Carmen; Sussman, Fredy Salomon (Wiley, 2016-07-22)
      This work is part of our ongoing research in the discovery of multitarget therapeutic agents for Alzheimer's disease (AD). A literature screening, based on our recently proposed pharmacophore, led to the identification of ...
    • Computer-aided design of multi-target ligands at A1R, A2AR and PDE10A, key proteins in neurodegenerative diseases 

      Kalash, Leen; Val García, Cristina; Azuaje Guerrero, Jhonny Alberto; Loza García, María Isabel; Svensson, Fredrik; Zoufir, Azedine; Mervin, Lewis; Ladds, Graham; Brea Floriani, José Manuel; Glen, Robert; Sotelo Pérez, Eddy; Bender, Andreas (BioMed Central, 2017)
      Compounds designed to display polypharmacology may have utility in treating complex diseases, where activity at multiple targets is required to produce a clinical efect. In particular, suitable compounds may be useful in ...

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