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    • Biodegradable PEG–dendritic block copolymers: synthesis and biofunctionality assessment as vectors of siRNA 

      Leiro, Victoria; Garcia, João Pedro; Moreno, Pedro M. D.; Spencer, Ana Patrícia; Fernández Villamarín, Marcos; Riguera Vega, Ricardo; Fernández Megía, Eduardo; Pêgo, Ana Paula (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017-07-07)
      One important drawback of most of the currently used dendrimers for biomedical applications is their high stability under physiological conditions that can result in cytotoxicity or complications induced by the accumulation ...
    • Oxidation of Alkynes via Catalytic Metal-Vinylidenes 

      Álvarez Pérez, Andrea; Saá Rodríguez, Carlos; Varela Carrete, Jesús Ángel (Thieme, 2020)
      Metal-vinylidenes, generated by treatment of terminal alkynes with transition metals, are very useful intermediates in modern synthetic chemistry as shown by the high number of transformations in which they are involved. ...

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