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    • Custom‐Fit Ruthenium(II) Metallopeptides: A New Twist to DNA Binding With Coordination Compounds 

      Gamba, Ilaria; Salvadó, Iria; Rama, Gustavo; Bertazzon, Miriam; Sánchez López, Mateo Isidro; Sánchez-Pedregal, Víctor M.; Martínez Costas, José Manuel; Brissos, Rosa F.; Gamez, Patrick; Mascareñas Cid, José Luis; Vázquez López, Miguel; Vázquez Sentís, Marco Eugenio (Wiley, 2013)
    • Different-Length Hydrazone Activated Polymers for Plasmid DNA Condensation and Cellular Transfection 

      Priegue Caamaño, Juan Manuel; Lostalé Seijo, Irene; Crisan, Daniel; Granja Guillán, Juan Ramón; Fernández Trillo, Francisco; Montenegro García, Javier (American Chemical Society, 2018)
      The recent advances in genetic engineering demand the development of conceptually new methods to prepare and identify efficient vectors for the intracellular delivery of different nucleotide payloads ranging from short ...
    • Exploring the Chelating Potential of an Easily Synthesized Schiff Base for Copper Sensing 

      Sanmartín Matalobos, Jesús; García Deibe, Ana María; Zarepour Jevinani, Morteza; Aboal Somoza, Manuel; Bermejo Barrera, María del Pilar; Fondo Busto, María Matilde (MDPI, 2020)
      The present study deals with the investigation of Cu2+, Ni2+ and Pd2+ chelating potential of the Schiff base, (E)-N-(2-((2-hydroxybenzylidene)amino)benzyl)-4-methylbenzenesulfonamide (H2SB). Crystal structures of Ni(HSB)2, ...
    • Fluorescence Emission of Pyrene in Surfactant Solutions 

      Piñeiro Maseda, Lucas; Novo Rodríguez, María de la Merced; Al-Soufi, Wajih (Elsevier, 2015)
      The systematic description of the complex photophysical behavior of pyrene in surfactant solutions in combination with a quantitative model for the surfactant concentrations reproduces with high accuracy the steady-state ...
    • In Situ Antibacterial Activity of Essential Oils with and without Alcohol on Oral Biofilm: A Randomized Clinical Trial 

      Quintas González, Víctor; Prada López, Isabel; Carreira, María J.; Suárez Quintanilla, David; Balsa Castro, Carlos; Tomás Carmona, Inmaculada (Frontiers Media, 2017)
      Currently, there is little evidence on the in situ antibacterial activity of essential oils (EO) without alcohol. This study aimed to evaluate in situ the substantivity and antiplaque effect on the plaque-like biofilm ...
    • Photobinding of triflusal to human serum albumin investigated by fluorescence, proteomic analysis, and computational studies 

      Molins Molina, Oscar; Pérez Ruiz, Raúl; Lence Quintana, Emilio José; González Bello, Concepción; Miranda, Miguel A.; Jiménez, Consuelo M. (Frontiers Media, 2019)
      Triflusal is a platelet antiaggregant employed for the treatment and prevention of thromboembolic diseases. After administration, it is biotransformed into its active metabolite, the 2-hydroxy-4-trifluoromethylbenzoic ...
    • Sequence‐Selective DNA Recognition with Peptide–Bisbenzamidine Conjugates 

      Sánchez López, Mateo Isidro; Vázquez Vázquez, Olalla; Vázquez Sentís, Marco Eugenio; Mascareñas Cid, José Luis (Wiley, 2013)
      Transcription factors (TFs) are specialized proteins that play a key role in the regulation of genetic expression. Their mechanism of action involves the interaction with specific DNA sequences, which usually takes place ...
    • SiRNA silencing by chemically modified biopolymeric nanovectors 

      Villar Álvarez, Eva María; Leal, Baltazar H.; Martínez González, Raquel; Pardo Montero, Alberto; Al-Qadi, Sonia; Juárez, Josué; Váldez, Miguel A.; Cambón Freire, Adriana; Barbosa Fernández, Silvia; Taboada Antelo, Pablo (American Chemical Society, 2019)
      The ability to specifically silence genes by RNA interference has an enormous potential for treating genetic diseases. However, different drawbacks such as short interfering RNA (siRNA) degradability by serum nucleases and ...
    • Taking Advantage of the Coordinative Behavior of a Tridentate Schiff Base Ligand towards Pd2+ and Cu2+ 

      Sanmartín Matalobos, Jesús; Fondo Busto, María Matilde; Zarepour Jevinani, Morteza; García Deibe, Ana María (MDPI, 2019)
      We have explored the suitability of an O,N,N–donor Schiff base (H2SB) for obtaining dinuclear complexes with heavy metal ions such as Cu2+, Zn2+, Ni2+, and Co2+ (borderline acids) as well as Pd2+ and Cd2+ (soft acids). ...

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