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    • 10,000 years of climate control over carbon accumulation in an Iberian bog (southwestern Europe) 

      Pontevedra Pombal, Francisco Xabier; Castro Fernández, Daniel; Souto Souto, Martín; Fraga Vila, María Isabel; Blake, William H.; Blaauw, Maarten; López Sáez, José Antonio; Pérez Díaz, Sebastián; Valcárcel Díaz, Marcos Carmelo; García-Rodeja Gayoso, Eduardo (Elsevier, 2019)
      The northwest region of the Iberian Peninsula is home to a unique ecosystem of bogs, which are particularly sensitive to projected climate change. In this context, the rate of carbon (C) accumulation in Chao de Veiga Mol, ...
    • FTIR and Py–GC–MS data of wood from variousliving oak species and Iberian shipwrecks 

      Traoré, Mohamed; Kaal, Joeri; Martínez Cortizas, Antonio Manuel (Elsevier, 2018)
      Data in this article are related to the chemical characterization ofvarious oak wood samples. Data have been obtained by theapplication of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy andpyrolysis-gas chromatography-mass ...
    • Late-glacial elevated dust deposition linked to westerly wind shifts in southern South America 

      Vanneste, Heleen; De Vleeschouwer, François; Martínez Cortizas, Antonio Manuel; von Scheffer, Clemens; Piotrowska, Natalia; Coronato, Andrea; Le Roux, Gaël (Nature Publishing Group, 2015)
      Atmospheric dust loadings play a crucial role in the global climate system. Southern South America is a key dust source, however, dust deposition rates remain poorly quantified since the last glacial termination (~17kyr ...
    • Pedogenic Processes in a Posidonia oceanica Mat 

      Piñeiro Juncal, Nerea; Leiva Dueñas, Carmen; Serrano, Oscar; Mateo, Miguel Ángel; Martínez Cortizas, Antonio Manuel (MDPI, 2020)
      Scientists studying seagrasses typically refer to their substratum as sediment, but recently researchers have begun to refer to it as a soil. However, the logistics of sampling underwater substrata and the fragility of ...
    • Volcanism and rapid sedimentation affect the benthic communities of Deception Island, Antarctica 

      Angulo Precker, Carlos; Pernet, Philippe; García Hernández, Cristina; Kereszturi, Gabor; Álvarez Valero, Antonio Miguel; Hopfenblatt Hours, Joaquín; Gómez Ballesteros, María; Otero Pérez, Xosé Lois; Caza Caza, Jaime Humberto; Ruiz Fernández, Jesús; Geyer, Adelina; Avila, Conxita (Elsevier, 2021)
      Deception Island is amongst the most active volcanoes in the Southern Ocean, with over 20 explosive eruptions in the last ca. 200 years. The eruption that formed the caldera at Deception Island occurred 3980 ± 125 calendar ...

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