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    • Computational model of adsorption for paralytic shellfish poisoning toxins (PSTs) on graphene surface 

      Rey López, Verónica; Botana López, Ana María; Álvarez, Mercedes; Antelo Queijo, Álvaro; Botana López, Luis Miguel (MDPI, 2016)
      Paralytic Shellfish Toxins (PSTs) are polar analytes, most of them with positive charges resulting in a charge-induced dipole at the graphene surface when they approach to it. Graphene is a novel material with great ...
    • Plasmonic response of graphene nanostructures 

      Silveiro Flores, Iván (2016-06-27)
      Graphene is a planar monolayer of carbon atoms tightly packed into a 2D honeycomb lattice. Since the first experimental isolation in 2004, graphene has attracted an enormous interest due to its extraordinary optoelectronic ...
    • Single spin localization and manipulation in graphene open-shell nanostructures 

      Li, Jingcheng; Sanz, Sofia; Choi, Deung Jang; Corso, Martina; Peña Gil, Diego; Frederiksen, Thomas; Pascual, Jose Ignacio (Nature publishing group, 2019)
      Turning graphene magnetic is a promising challenge to make it an active material for spintronics. Predictions state that graphene structures with specific shapes can spontaneously develop magnetism driven by Coulomb repulsion ...
    • Synergistic Effects of Nanoparticles and Ionic Liquids as Hybrid Lubricant Additives 

      Nasser, Khodor (2022)
      This Doctoral Thesis presents new designed nanolubricants as potential substitutes of conventional lubricants. Hexagonal boron nitride nanoparticles, graphene nanoplatelets, iron oxide nanoparticles (synthetized from ...

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