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    • 3D-printed alginate-hydroxyapatite aerogel scaffolds for bone tissue engineering 

      Iglesias Mejuto, Ana; García González, Carlos Alberto (Elsevier, 2021)
      3D-printing technology allows the automated and reproducible manufacturing of functional structures for tissue engineering with customized geometries and compositions by depositing materials layer-by-layer with high ...
    • Advanced Materials Based on Nanosized Hydroxyapatite 

      Rial Silva, Ramón; González Durruthy, Michael; Liu, Zhen; Ruso Beiras, Juan Manuel (MDPI, 2021)
      The development of new materials based on hydroxyapatite has undergone a great evolution in recent decades due to technological advances and development of computational techniques. The focus of this review is the various ...
    • Application of Shark Teeth–Derived Bioapatites as a Bone Substitute in Veterinary Orthopedics. Preliminary Clinical Trial in Dogs and Cats 

      García González, Mario; Muñoz Guzón, Fernando María; González Cantalapiedra, Antonio; González Fernández, Pío Manuel; Otero Pérez, Rafael; Serra Rodríguez, Julia Asunción (Frontiers, 2020)
      Background: The autograft is still considered the gold standard for the treatment of bone defects. However, given the significant morbidity of the donor site with which it has been associated, alternative substitutes for ...
    • In situ substrate-formed biofilms using IDODS mimic supragingival tooth-formed biofilms 

      Tomás Carmona, Inmaculada; Prada López, Isabel; Quintas González, Víctor; Carreira Nouche, María José; Simón Soro, Áurea; Mira, Alejandro; Balsa Castro, Carlos (Taylor & Francis, 2018)
      This study aimed to compare the bacterial viability and diversity of a substrate-formed biofilm (SF-biofilm) in situ to a supragingival tooth-formed biofilm (TF-biofilm) in the same group of individuals. The impact of the ...

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