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    • Combined wave and wind energy: synergies and implementation 

      Astariz Núñez, Sharay (2017)
      Marine energy is one of the most promising alternatives to fossil fuels due to the enormous energy resource available. However, it is often considered uneconomical and difficult due in part to the initial stage of development ...
    • The economics of tidal stream energy: a spatial approach 

      Vázquez Álvarez, Ángela (2017)
      So far, the economic assessments of tidal stream energy have been conducted from a sectorial, spatially dimensionless point of view; or in other words, on the basis of mean values obtained as representative of the average ...
    • Tidal energy exploitation through Marine Spatial Planning 

      Álvarez Díaz, Miguel (2020)
      Thus, generating electricity from marine energy has lights and shadows that can only be tackled and solved by a thorough scientific analysis of all the points that can take the project to failure. A marine spatial planning ...

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