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    • Industrial Fruits By-Products and Their Antioxidant Profile: Can They Be Exploited for Industrial Food Applications? 

      Barbosa, Cássia H.; Andrade, Mariana A.; Sendón García, Raquel; Sanches Silva, Ana Teresa; Ramos, Fernando; Vilarinho, Fernanda; Khwaldia, Khaoula; Barbosa Pereira, Letricia (MDPI, 2021)
      Fruit by-products have a low economic value and have proven biological activities, such as antioxidant capacity due to the presence of active compounds. The main objective of this study was to obtain and determine the ...
    • Phenolic Profile of Fruit Industry Byproducts Determined by LC–DAD–MS/MS 

      Barbosa Pereira, Letricia; Andrade, Mariana A.; Barbosa, Cássia H.; Vilarinho, Fernanda; Sanches Silva, Ana Teresa; Rodríguez Bernaldo de Quirós, Ana Isabel; Sendón García, Raquel (MDPI, 2021)
      The bioconversion of fruit by-products into new functional and clean label ingredients/additives represents a sustainable approach with great potential for application in the food sector

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