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    • Palladium-Catalyzed Formal (4+2) Cycloaddition between Alkyl Amides and Dienes Initiated by the Activation of C(sp3)−H Bonds 

      Cendón Mariño, Borja; Font Molíns, Marc; Mascareñas Cid, José Luis; Gulías Costa, Moisés (American Chemical Society, 2020)
      We report a formal (4+2) cycloaddition between alkyl-nosylamides and dienes enabled by a palladium-catalyzed activation of C(sp3)–H bonds beta to the amide group. This atom economical reaction, which proceeds under ...
    • Potent and subtype-selective dopamine D2 receptor biased partial agonists discovered via an Ugi-based approach 

      Mallo-Abreu, Ana; Reyes Resina, Irene; Azuaje Guerrero, Jhonny Alberto; Franco, Rafael; García Rey, Aitor; Majellaro, María; Miranda Pastoriza, Darío; García Mera, Xerardo Xusto; Jespers, Willem; Gutiérrez de Terán, Hugo; Navarro, Gemma; Sotelo, Eddy (ACS Publications, 2021)
      Using a previously unexplored, efficient, and versatile multicomponent method, we herein report the rapid generation of novel potent and subtype-selective DRD2 biased partial agonists. This strategy exemplifies the search ...
    • Stereoselective self-assembly of DNA binding helicates directed by the Viral β-Annulus Trimeric Peptide Motif 

      Gómez González, Jacobo; Bouzada Reboredo, David; Pérez Márquez, Lidia Ana; Sciortino, Giuseppe; Maréchal, Jean-Didier; Vázquez López, Miguel; Vázquez Sentis, Marco Eugenio (ACS Publications, 2021)
      Combining coordination chemistry and peptide engineering offers extraordinary opportunities for developing novel molecular (supra)structures. Here, we demonstrate that the β-annulus motif is capable of directing the ...
    • Stimuli-Responsive DNA Binding by Synthetic Systems 

      Rodríguez Villar, Jéssica; Mosquera Mosquera, Jesús; Learte Aymamí, Soraya; Vázquez Sentís, Marco Eugenio; Mascareñas Cid, José Luis (American Chemical Society, 2020)
      Conspectus: DNA is the molecule responsible for the storage and transmission of the genetic information in living organisms. The expression of this information is highly regulated. In eukaryotes, it is achieved mainly at ...

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