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    • Dietary Zinc Supplementation to Prevent Chronic Copper Poisoning in Sheep 

      Hamad Minervino, Antonio Humberto; López Alonso, Marta; Barrêto Júnior, Raimundo Alves; Rodrigues, Frederico Augusto Mazzocca Lopes; Araújo, Carolina Akiko Sato Cabral de; Sousa, Rejane Santos; Mori, Clara Satsuki; Miranda Castañón, Marta Inés; Oliveira, Francisco Leonardo Costa; Antonelli, Alexandre Coutinho; Lippi Ortolani, Enrico (MDPI, 2018)
      The aim of this study was to evaluate whether zinc (Zn) supplementation protects against hepatic copper (Cu) accumulation in copper-loaded sheep. Forty cross-bred lambs were assigned to five experimental groups. These ...
    • Oral Toxicity of Okadaic Acid in Mice: Study of Lethality, Organ Damage, Distribution and Effects on Detoxifying Gene Expression 

      Crespo Vieira, Andrés; Rubiolo Gaytán, Juan Andrés; López Alonso, Henar; Cifuentes Martínez, José Manuel; Alfonso Rancaño, María Amparo; Bermúdez Pose, Roberto; Otero Fuertes, María Paz; Rodríguez Vieytes, María Mercedes; Vega Lisi, Félix Víctor; Botana López, Luis Miguel (MDPI, 2013)
      In vivo, after administration by gavage to mice and rats, okadaic acid has been reported to produce lesions in liver, small intestine and forestomach. Because several reports differ in the damage detected in different ...

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