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    • 8-Propyl-6H-[1,3]dioxolo[4,5-g]chromen-6-one: A new coumarin with monoamine oxidase B inhibitory activity and possible anti-parkinsonian effects 

      Pilar Olaya, María del; Vergel, Nadezdha Esperanza; López, Jose Luis; Viña Castelao, María Dolores (Universidade de São Paulo, 2020)
      Parkinson’s disease is a common neurodegenerative disorder. In this study, the monoamine oxidase inhibitory activity and potential anti-parkinsonian effects of 8-propyl-6H-[1,3]dioxolo[4,5-g]chromen-6-one (FCS303), a new ...
    • Low-dosage antibiotic intake can disturb gut microbiota in mice 

      Roca Saavedra, Paula; Rodríguez, José A.; Lamas Freire, Alexandre; Miranda López, José Manuel; Nebot García, Carolina Graciela; Cardelle Cobas, Alejandra; Franco Abuín, Carlos Manuel; Cepeda Sáez, Alberto (Taylor & Francis, 2018)
      The proportion of different microbial populations in gut microbiota (GM) is an important factor that in recent years has been linked to obesity and numerous metabolic diseases. Antibiotics are one of the factors that can ...
    • Oral Toxicity of Okadaic Acid in Mice: Study of Lethality, Organ Damage, Distribution and Effects on Detoxifying Gene Expression 

      Crespo Vieira, Andrés; Rubiolo Gaytán, Juan Andrés; López Alonso, Henar; Cifuentes Martínez, José Manuel; Alfonso Rancaño, María Amparo; Bermúdez Pose, Roberto; Otero Fuertes, María Paz; Rodríguez Vieytes, María Mercedes; Vega Lisi, Félix Víctor; Botana López, Luis Miguel (MDPI, 2013)
      In vivo, after administration by gavage to mice and rats, okadaic acid has been reported to produce lesions in liver, small intestine and forestomach. Because several reports differ in the damage detected in different ...
    • Pyk2 in the amygdala modulates chronic stress sequelae via PSD-95-related microstructural changes 

      Montalban, Enrica; Al-Massadi Iglesias, Omar; Sancho Balsells, Anna; Brito, Verónica; Pins, Benoit de; Alberch, Jordi; Ginés, Silvia; Girault, Jean-Antoine; Giralt, Albert (Nature Publishing Group, 2019)
      Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a common disorder with a variety of symptoms including mood alterations, anhedonia, sleep and appetite disorders, and cognitive disturbances. Stressful life events are among the strongest ...

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