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    • 1D to 2D Self Assembly of Cyclic Peptides 

      Insua López, Ignacio; Montenegro García, Javier (American Chemical Society, 2020)
      Despite recent developments in two-dimensional self-assembly, most supramolecular 2D materials are assembled by tedious methodologies, with complex surface chemistry and small sizes. We here report d/l-alternating cyclic ...
    • An Adhesive Peptide from the C-Terminal Domain of α-Synuclein for Single-Layer Adsorption of Nanoparticles onto Substrates 

      Bhak, Ghibom; Méndez Ardoy, Alejandro; Escobedo, Albert; Salvatella, Xavier; Montenegro García, Javier (American Chemical Society, 2020)
      The two-dimensional (2D) homogeneous assembly of nanoparticle monolayer arrays onto a broad range of substrates constitutes an important challenge for chemistry, nanotechnology, and material science. α-Synuclein (αS) is ...
    • Chemo- and Regioselective Lysine Modification on Native Proteins 

      Matos, Maria João Correia Pinto Carvalho de; Oliveira, Bruno L.; Martínez Saéz, Nuria; Guerreiro, Ana; Cal, Pedro M.S.D.; Bertoldo, Jean Borges; Maneiro Rey, María; Perkins, Elizabeth; Howard, Julie A.; Deery, Michael J.; Chalker, Justin M.; Corzana, Francisco; Jiménez Osés, Gonzalo; Bernardes, Gonçalo J.L. (American Chemical Society, 2018)
      Site-selective chemical conjugation of synthetic molecules to proteins expands their functional and therapeutic capacity. Current protein modification methods, based on synthetic and biochemical technologies, can achieve ...
    • Polymeric Helical Structures à la Carte by Rational Design of Monomers 

      Cobos Cabrera, Scarlet Katherine; Rodríguez Riego, Rafael; Domarco Álvarez, Olaya; Fernández Rodríguez, Berta; Quiñoá Cabana, Emilio; Riguera Vega, Ricardo; Freire Iribarne, Félix Manuel (American Chemical Society, 2020)
      Preparation of helical structures à la carte by monomer design of dynamic helical polymers such as poly(phenylacetylene)s (PPAs) is a difficult task due to conformational freedom of the polyene backbone. Herein, we study ...
    • Stereoselective self-assembly of DNA binding helicates directed by the Viral β-Annulus Trimeric Peptide Motif 

      Gómez González, Jacobo; Bouzada Reboredo, David; Pérez Márquez, Lidia Ana; Sciortino, Giuseppe; Maréchal, Jean-Didier; Vázquez López, Miguel; Vázquez Sentis, Marco Eugenio (ACS Publications, 2021)
      Combining coordination chemistry and peptide engineering offers extraordinary opportunities for developing novel molecular (supra)structures. Here, we demonstrate that the β-annulus motif is capable of directing the ...

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