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    • Benchmarking of FinFET, Nanosheet, and Nanowire FET Architectures for Future Technology Nodes 

      Nagy, Daniel; Espiñeira Deus, Gabriel; Indalecio Fernández, Guillermo; García Loureiro, Antonio Jesús; Kalna, Karol; Seoane Iglesias, Natalia (IEEE, 2020)
      Nanosheet (NS) and nanowire (NW) FET architectures scaled to a gate length (L G ) of 16 nm and below are benchmarked against equivalent FinFETs. The device performance is predicted using a 3D finite element drift-diffusion/Monte ...
    • Sequence Decoding of 1D to 2D Self-Assembling Cyclic Peptides 

      Díaz Arias, Sandra Natalia; Insua López, Ignacio; Bhak, Ghibom; Montenegro García, Javier (Wiley, 2020)
      The inherent ability of peptides to self-assemble with directional and rationally predictable interactions has fostered a plethora of synthetic two-dimensional (2D) supramolecular biomaterials. However, the design of ...

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