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    • A big data approach to metagenomics for all-food-sequencing 

      Kobus, Robin; Abuín Mosquera, José Manuel; Müller, André; Hellmann, Sören Lukas; Pichel Campos, Juan Carlos; Fernández Pena, Anselmo Tomás; Hildebrandt, Andreas; Hankeln, Thomas; Schmidt, Bertil (BMC, 2020)
      Background All-Food-Sequencing (AFS) is an untargeted metagenomic sequencing method that allows for the detection and quantification of food ingredients including animals, plants, and microbiota. While this approach avoids ...
    • Development and characterization of novel microsatellite markers by Next Generation Sequencing for the blue and red shrimp Aristeus antennatus 

      Heras, Sandra; Planella, Laia; Caldarazzo, Ilaria; Vera Rodríguez, Manuel; García Marín, José Luis; Roldán, María Inés (PeerJ Inc., 2016)
      The blue and red shrimp, Aristeus antennatus, is a commercially important crustacean, in the Mediterranean Sea, which has been listed as a priority species for fishery management. Hypervariable microsatellite markers could ...

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