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    • Nanocarriers for the oral administration of therapeutic macromolecules 

      Santalices Ramos, Irene (2018)
      The main goal of this thesis has been the generation of knowledge towards the advancement of the oral administration of peptides. The specific objective has been to study how the composition and surface properties of ...
    • Rational design of polyarginine nanocapsules intended to help peptides overcoming intestinal barriers 

      Niu, Zhigao; Tedesco, Erik; Benetti, Federico; Mabondzo, Aloïse; Montagner, Isabella Monia; Marigo, Ilaria; González Touceda, David; Tovar Carro, Sulay A.; Diéguez González, Carlos; Santander Ortega, Manuel J.; Alonso Fernández, María José (Elsevier, 2017)
      The aim of this work was to rationally design and characterize nanocapsules (NCs) composed of an oily core and a polyarginine (PARG) shell, intended for oral peptide delivery. The cationic polyaminoacid, PARG, and the oily ...

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