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    • Advances on the formulation of proteins using nanotechnologies 

      Santalices Ramos, Irene; Gonella, Andrea; Torres López, María Dolores Ramona; Alonso Fernández, María José (Elsevier, 2017-12)
      Therapeutic proteins and peptides are very attractive from the pharmaceutical point of view due to their high potency and selectivity. Nonetheless, their instability and low bioavailability make their adminis- tration ...
    • Hydrogels as platforms for vaccine delivery and mucosal restoring 

      García del Río, Lorena (2021)
      A administración de proteínas na mucosa é unha aproximación moi atractiva e de indubidables vantaxes para inducir unha resposta local e/ou sistémica de carácter terapéutico e/ou inmunoestimulante. Aspectos críticos como ...
    • Nanotechnologies for the delivery of biologicals: historical perspective and current landscape 

      Durán-Lobato, Matilde; López Estévez, Ana María; Cordeiro, Ana Sara; Gómez Dacoba, Tamara; Crecente Campo, José; Torres López, María Dolores Ramona; Alonso Fernández, María José (Elsevier, 2021)
      Biological macromolecule-based therapeutics irrupted in the pharmaceutical scene generating a great hope due to their outstanding specificity and potency. However, given their susceptibility to degradation and limited ...
    • Polyphosphazenes for the delivery of biopharmaceuticals 

      Hsu, Wei-Hsin; Csaba, Noemi Stefania; Alexander, Cameron; García Fuentes, Marcos (Wiley, 2020)
      Polyphosphazenes (PPZs) are a relatively new family of polymers based on a nitrogen- phosphorous backbone where organic side-groups can be grafted. The synthetic route to PPZs is highly versatile such that it is possible ...
    • Pore size is a critical parameter for obtaining sustained protein release from electrochemically synthesized mesoporous silicon microparticles 

      Pastor, Ester L.; Reguera-Nuñez, Elaine; Matveeva, Eugenia; García-Fuentes, Marcos (PeerJ, 2015)
      Mesoporous silicon has become a material of high interest for drug delivery due to its outstanding internal surface area and inherent biodegradability. We have previously reported the preparation of mesoporous silicon ...

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