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    • A Generative Angular Model of Protein Structure Evolution 

      Golden, Michael; García Portugués, Eduardo; Sørensen, Michael; Mardia, Kanti V.; Hamelryck, Thomas; Hein, Jotun (Oxford University Press, 2017-04-27)
      Recently described stochastic models of protein evolution have demonstrated that the inclusion of structural information in addition to amino acid sequences leads to a more reliable estimation of evolutionary parameters. ...
    • The Structural Architecture of an Infectious Mammalian Prion Using Electron Cryomicroscopy 

      Vázquez Fernández, Ester; Vos, Matthijn R.; Afanasyev, Pavel; Cebey, Lino; Sevillano Mantas, Alejandro Manuel; Vidal, Enric; Rosa, Isaac; Renault, Ludovic; Ramos, Adriana; Peters, Peter J.; Fernández, José Jesús; Van Heel, Marin; Young, Howard S.; Requena, Jesús R.; Wille, Holger (PLOS, 2016-09-08)
      The structure of the infectious prion protein (PrPSc), which is responsible for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans and bovine spongiform encephalopathy, has escaped all attempts at elucidation due to its insolubility and ...

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