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    • Moderately Strong Photoacid Dissociates in Alcohols with High Transient Concentration of the Proton-Transfer Contact Pair 

      Brenlla, Alfonso; Veiga Gutiérrez, Manoel; Ríos Rodríguez, M. Carmen; Rodríguez-Prieto, Flor; Mosquera González, Manuel; Pérez Lustres, José Luis (American Chemical Society, 2014)
      Proton transfer from strong photoacids to hydroxylic solvents is much under debate. Experimentally, the main issue stems from relaxation and diffusion processes that are concomitant with ultrafast proton transfer and blur ...
    • Towards Ratiometric Sensing of Amyloid Fibrils In Vitro 

      Freire Rodríguez, Sonia; Rodríguez Prieto, María de la Flor; Ríos Rodríguez, María del Carmen; Penedo Esteiro, Juan Carlos; Al-Soufi, Wajih; Novo Rodríguez, María de la Merced (Wiley, 2015)
      The aggregation of amyloid‐β peptide and its accumulation in the human brain has an important role in the etiology of Alzheimer’s disease. Thioflavin T has been widely used as a fluorescent marker for these amyloid aggregates. ...

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