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    • Forensic-clinical interview: Reliability and validity for the evaluation of psychological injury 

      Vilariño Vázquez, Manuel; Arce Fernández, Ramón; Fariña Rivera, Francisca (Sociedad Española de Psicología Jurídica y Forense, 2013)
      Forensic evaluation of psychological injury involves the use of a multimethod approximation i.e., a psychometric instrument, normally the MMPI-2, and a clinical interview. In terms of the clinical interview, the traditional ...
    • Psychological injury in victims of child sexual abuse: A meta-analytic review 

      González Amado, Bárbara; Arce Fernández, Ramón; Herraiz, Andrés (Elsevier, 2015)
      In order to assess the effects of child/adolescent sexual abuse (CSA/ASA) on the victim’s probability of developing symptoms of depression and anxiety, to quantify injury in populational terms, to establish the probability ...

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