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    • Conceptual introduction to quantum mechanics: some keys ideas 

      Adeva Andany, Bernardo (2016)
      [EN]The course work presented here is a mathematically precise introduction to the conceptual body, and calculation tools, of Quantum Mechanics, as a basis for the study of Quantum Physics. It is addressed to those that, ...
    • Holography and holomorphy in quantum field theories and gravity 

      Conde Pena, Eduardo (2012-09-19)
      This Ph.D. thesis deals with the application of complex analysis and holographic methods to study both the perturbative and the non-perturbative regimes of Quantum Field Theories and Gravity. Although Gravity does not admit ...
    • Introducción conceptual a la mecánica cuántica : algunas ideas clave 

      Adeva Andany, Bernardo (2016)
      [ES]El material didáctico que se presenta aquí es una introducción, matemáticamente precisa, al cuerpo conceptual y herramientas de cálculo de la Mecánica Cuántica, como base para el estudio de la Física Cuántica. Está ...

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