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    • Calibrating Jet Imaging of QCD Collectivity 

      Barata, João Lourenço Henriques (2021)
      Over the last decades, heavy ions collisions experiments at CERN and BNL have offered an unique window to study QCD under hot and dense conditions. In such high energy events a new state of matter, the quark gluon plasma, ...
    • Jet quenching and heavy ion collisions 

      Vila Pérez, Víctor (2020)
      Research in heavy-ion collisions at very high colliding energies has dramatically changed the big picture of the theory of strong interactions under extreme conditions of temperature and density, the so-called hot and ...
    • Phenomenological studies of initial state effects and jet quenching in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions at LHC 

      Andrés Casas, Carlota (2017)
      Heavy ion collisions (HICs) are the appropriate tools to study the so-called quark-gluon plasma (QGP). This thesis is focused on the analysis of two types of effects arising in HICs: initial state effects and final state ...

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