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    • BPS soliton-impurity models and supersymmetry 

      Adam, Christoph; Fernández Queiruga, José Manuel; Wereszczynski, Andrzej (Springer, 2019)
      We find supersymmetric extensions of the half-BPS soliton-impurity models in (1+1) dimensions which preserve half of the N = 1 supersymmetry. This is related to the fact that in the bosonic sector (i.e., the half-BPS ...
    • Spin-2 excitations in Gaiotto-Maldacena solutions 

      Itsios, Georgios; Penín Ascariz, José Manuel; Zacarías, Salomón (Springer, 2019)
      In this paper we study spin-2 excitations for a class of N = 2 supersymmetric solutions of type-IIA supergravity found by Gaiotto and Maldacena. The mass spectrum of these excitations can be derived by solving a second ...

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