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    • Development of Hybrid Nanoplatforms for Theranostic Applications 

      Topete Camacho, Antonio (2013-12-27)
      There is a need of new approaches in which cancer and other diseases are adressed. These new methods must be capable to reduce doses, treatment times, and damage to healty tissues. Furthermore, it is desirable that these ...
    • In Vivo Theranostics at the Peri-Infarct Region in Cerebral Ischemia 

      Agulla Freire, Jesús; Brea López, David; Campos Pérez, Francisco; Sobrino Moreiras, Tomás; Argibay González, Bárbara; Al-Soufi, Wajih; Blanco González, Miguel; Castillo Sánchez, José Antonio; Ramos Cabrer, Pedro (Ivyspring International Publisher, 2014)
      The use of theranostics in neurosciences has been rare to date because of the limitations imposed on the free delivery of substances to the brain by the blood-brain barrier. Here we report the development of a theranostic ...
    • Ischemic stroke theranostics: peri-infarct region guided nanoparticles 

      Agulla Freire, Jesús (2012-05-29)
      Theranostics was initially defined in the context of cancer treatment and personalized medicine, however, the tremendous potential of this strategy has captured the attention of many biomedical researchers who are trying ...
    • Nanoscale metal–organic frameworks as key players in the context of drug delivery: evolution toward theranostic platforms 

      Carrillo Carrión, Carolina (Springer, 2020-01)
      Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) have emerged as one of the most fascinating libraries of porous materials with a huge potential in very diverse application areas. In particular, the bioanalytical and biomedical fields have ...

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