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    • Chemical solution synthesis and ferromagnetic resonance of epitaxial thin films of yttrium iron garnet 

      Lucas, Irene; Jiménez-Cavero, Pilar; Vila-Fungueiriño, José M.; Magén, Cesar; Sangiao, Soraya; Teresa, José Maria de; Morellón, Luis; Rivadulla, Francisco (APS Physics, 2017)
      We report the fabrication of epitaxial Y 3 F e 5 O 12 (YIG) thin films on G d 3 G a 5 O 12 (111) using a chemical solution method. Cubic YIG is a ferrimagnetic material at room temperature, with excellent ...
    • Ferroelectric Domain Walls in PbTiO3 Are Effective Regulators of Heat Flow at Room Temperature 

      Langenberg Pérez, Eric; Saha, Dipanjan; Holtz, Megan E.; Wang, Jian-Jun; Bugallo Ferrón, David; Ferreiro Vila, Elías; Paik, Hanjong; Hanke, Isabelle; Ganschow, Steffen; Muller, David A.; Chen, Long-Qing; Catalan, Gustau; Domingo, Neus; Malen, Jonathan; Schlom, Darrell G.; Rivadulla Fernández, José Francisco (American Chemical Society, 2019)
      Achieving efficient spatial modulation of phonon transmission is an essential step on the path to phononic circuits using “phonon currents”. With their intrinsic and reconfigurable interfaces, domain walls (DWs), ferroelectrics ...
    • Polymer-assisted deposition of epitaxial oxide thin films 

      Rivadulla Salgueiro, Francisco (2015-07)
      The possibility of growing epitaxial thin-films has been intensely studied during the last decades. The development of the physical deposition techniques, such as Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD), Sputtering or Molecular Beam ...
    • Synthesis and properties of epitaxial oxide thin films prepared by polymer assisted deposition 

      Vila Fungueiriño, José Manuel (2016)
      This thesis describes the most relevant aspects in PAD method as well the process of optimization to obtain high quality epitaxial thin films of multicationic oxides. For this we have analyzed the structure and the behavior ...

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