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    • Advanced Nanobiomaterials: Vaccines, Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Diseases 

      Torres, Eva; Holban, Alina; Cartelle Gestal, Monica (MDPI, 2016)
      The use of nanoparticles has contributed to many advances due to their important properties such as, size, shape or biocompatibility. The use of nanotechnology in medicine has great potential, especially in medical ...
    • Epigenetic modulation of the immune system in early childhood: from infectious diseases to vaccines 

      Pischedda, Sara (2021)
      Epigenetic mechanisms regulate gene expression and transcription in a dynamic way. Many functional differences observed in the immune system of neonates and adults seem to be associated with epigenetic modifications of ...
    • Preparation and characterization of antigen loaded chitosan nanoparticles for immunization 

      Prasanna, Maruthi (2020)
      The currently available pneumococcal vaccines are not effective in complete prevention of pneumococcal infections. To develop a better vaccine, firstly, we produced a glycoconjugate antigen based on common pneumococcal ...
    • Rotavirus infection beyond the gut 

      Gómez Rial, José; Sánchez Batán, Sonia; Rivero Calle, Irene; Pardo Seco, Jacobo José; Martinón Martínez, José María; Salas Ellacuriaga, Antonio; Martinón Torres, Federico (Dove Medical Press, 2019)
      The landscape of rotavirus (RV) infection has changed substantially in recent years. Autoimmune triggering has been added to clinical spectrum of this pathology, which is now known to be much broader than diarrhea. The ...
    • TIPICO IX: report of the 9th interactive infectious disease workshop on infectious diseases and vaccines 

      Martinón Torres, Federico; Bosch, Xavier; Rappuoli, Rino; Ladhani, Shamez; Redondo, Esther; Vesikari, Timo; García Sastre, Adolfo; Rivero Calle, Irene; Gómez Rial, José; Salas Ellacuriaga, Antonio; Martín, Carlos; Finn, Adam; Butler, Robb (Taylor & Francis Group, 2019)
      The Ninth Interactive Infectious Disease workshop TIPICO was held on November 22–23, 2018, in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. This 2-day academic experience addressed current and topical issues in the field of infectious ...
    • Vaccine-induced modulation of gene expression in turbot peritoneal cells. A microarray approach 

      Fontenla Iglesias, Francisco; Blanco Abad, Verónica; Gómez Pardo, María Belén; Folgueira López, Iria; Noia Guldrís, Manuel; Gómez Tato, Antonio; Martínez Portela, Paulino; Leiro Vidal, José Manuel; Lamas Fernández, Jesús (Elsevier, 2016-06-22)
      We used a microarray approach to examine changes in gene expression in turbot peritoneal cells after injection of the fish with vaccines containing the ciliate parasite Philasterides dicentrarchi as antigen and one of ...

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