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    • In situ functionalized polymers for siRNA delivery 

      Martínez Costas, José Manuel; Fernández Trillo, Francisco; Montenegro García, Javier; Granja Guillán, Juan Ramón; Priegue Caamaño, Juan Manuel; Crisan, Daniel (WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH, 2016-04-21)
      A new method is reported herein for screening the biological activity of functional polymers across a consistent degree of polymerization and in situ, that is, under aqueous conditions and without purification/isolation ...
    • Multidisciplinary approach to the transfection of plasmid DNA by a nonviral nanocarrier based on a Gemini-Bolaamphiphilic hybrid lipid 

      Martínez Negro, María; Guerrero Martínez, Andrés; García Río, Luis; Domènech, Òscar; Aicart, Emilio; Tros de Ilarduya, Conchita; Junquera, Elena (American Chemical Society, 2018)
      A multidisciplinary strategy, including bothbiochemical and biophysical studies, was proposed here toevaluate the potential of lipid nanoaggregates consisting of amixture of a gemini−bolaamphiphilic lipid (C6C22C6) and ...
    • Tuning the Size of Nanoassembles: A Hierarchical Transfer of Information from Dendrimers to Polyion Complexes 

      Amaral, Sandra P.; Tawara, Ma’un Hasan Haroon; Fernández Villamarín, Marcos; Borrajo, Erea; Martínez Costas, José Manuel; Vidal Figueroa, Anxo; Riguera Vega, Ricardo; Fernández Megía, Eduardo (Wiley, 2018-04-27)
      The generation of dendrimers is a powerful tool in the control of the size and biodistribution of polyion complexes (PIC). Using a combinatorial screening of six dendrimers (18–243 terminal groups) and five oppositely ...

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