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  • Measuring Language Distance of Isolated European Languages 

    Gamallo Otero, Pablo; Pichel Campos, José Ramón; Alegría, Iñaki (MDPI, 2020)
    Phylogenetics is a sub-field of historical linguistics whose aim is to classify a group of languages by considering their distances within a rooted tree that stands for their historical evolution. A few European languages ...
  • Comparing Supervised Machine Learning Strategies and Linguistic Features to Search for Very Negative Opinions 

    Al-Matarneh Mohammad Ata, Sattam; Gamallo Otero, Pablo (MDPI, 2019)
    In this paper, we examine the performance of several classifiers in the process of searching for very negative opinions. More precisely, we do an empirical study that analyzes the influence of three types of linguistic ...
  • Using the Outlier Detection Task to Evaluate Distributional Semantic Models 

    Gamallo Otero, Pablo (MDPI, 2019)
    In this article, we define the outlier detection task and use it to compare neural-based word embeddings with transparent count-based distributional representations. Using the English Wikipedia as a text source to train ...
  • Translingual Practices and Reconstruction of Identities in Maghrebi Students in Galicia 

    Moustaoui Srhir, Adil; Prego Vázquez, Gabriela; Zas Varela, María Luz (MDPI, 2019)
    In this article, we explore the emergence of a new translingual repertoire among young adolescents of Moroccan and Algerian origin in Galicia and the role it plays in reconstructing the transnational identity of young ...
  • El Quijote: dialogismo y verosimilitud 

    Villanueva Prieto, Francisco Darío (Universidad de Chile, 2005)
    El presente ensayo demuestra cómo El Quijote cumple a la perfección con los requisitos del modelo novelístico que Mijail Bajtin consideraba más evolucionado, clásico y puro: el que realiza todas las posibilidades literarias ...

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