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    • Inexpensive photogrammetry applied to displacement measurement of a gridshell 

      Ortiz Sanz, Juan Pedro; Gil Docampo, María de la Luz; Bastos, Guillermo (Elsevier, 2022)
      Gridshells are unexploited structures, over which lengths measurement are difficult to do due to their size and complex curvature. To deformation measurement on a timber gridshell beam and on an entire gridshell, we used ...
    • A holistic methodology for hydrokinetic energy site selection 

      Fouz Varela, David Mateo; Carballo Sánchez, Rodrigo; López Moreira, Iván; Iglesias, Gregorio (Elsevier, 2022)
      Hydrokinetic energy can contribute to diversify and decarbonise the energy mix in many coastal regions, in particular estuaries. These are typically areas of high environmental value and with intense socioeconomic activity. ...
    • Evaluation of a low-cost approach to 2-D digital image correlation vs. a commercial stereo-DIC system in Brazilian testing of soil specimens 

      Arza García, Marcos; Núñez Temes, Carlos; Lorenzana Fernández, Jose Antonio; Ortiz Sanz, Juan Pedro; Castro Ponte, Alberte; Portela Barral, Maria; Gil Docampo, María de la Luz; Bastos Costas, Guillermo (Springer, 2022)
      Due to their cost, high-end commercial 3D-DIC (digital image correlation) systems are still inaccessible for many laboratories or small factories interested in lab testing materials. These professional systems can provide ...
    • D3Mobile metrology world league: training secondary students on smartphone-based photogrammetry 

      Ortiz Sanz, Juan Pedro; Gil Docampo, María Luz; Rego Sanmartín, Teresa; Arza-García, Marcos; Tucci, G.; Parisi, E. I.; Bonora, V.; Mugnai, Francesco (International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 2020)
      The advent of the smartphones brought with them higher processing capabilities and improved camera specifications which boosted the applications of mobile-based imagery in a range of domains. One of them is the 3-D ...
    • Putting land to work: an evaluation of the economic effects of recultivating abandoned farmland 

      Corbelle Rico, Eduardo José; Sánchez Fernández, Patricio; López Iglesias, Edelmiro; Lago Peñas, Santiago; Rocha, José María da (Elsevier, 2022)
      Agricultural land abandonment is a relevant occurrence in mountainous and peripheral regions all over the world. While both positive and negative environmental consequences of this abandonment are documented (depending on ...

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