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  • A standard structure for bile acids and derivatives 

    Meijide del Río, Francisco Ángel; Frutos del Río, Santiago de; Soto Tellini, Victor Hugo; Jover Ramos, Aida; Seijas Vázquez, Julio Antonio; Vázquez Tato, María del Pilar; Fraga López, Francisco José; Vázquez Tato, José (MDPI, 2018)
    The crystal structures of two ester compounds (a monomer in its methyl ester form,with anamino isophthalic group, and a dimer in which the two steroid units are linked by a urea bridgerecrystallized from ethyl acetate/methanol) ...
  • Sampling geometries for ocular aberrometry: A model for evaluation of performance 

    Diaz Santana, Luis; Walker, Grace; Bará Viñas, Salvador Xurxo (OSA Publishing, 2005)
    The purpose of this work is to outline a simple model to assess the relative merits of different sampling grids for ocular aberrometry and illustrate it with an example. While in traditional Hartmann-Shack setups the ...
  • A phase insensitive all-optical router based on nonlinear lenslike planar waveguides 

    Mateo Rodríguez, Eduardo Fabián; Liñares Beiras, Jesús (OSA Publishing, 2005)
    We present the design of an all-optical router based on the properties of both propagation and interaction of Gaussian beams in lenslike planar guides. Variational results of single co- and counterpropagation are derived ...
  • Equilateral hyperbolic moiré zone plates with variable focus obtained by rotations 

    Jaroszewicz, Zbigniew; Kołodziejczyk, Andrzej; Mira, Alejandro; Henao, Rodrigo; Bará Viñas, Salvador Xurxo (OSA Publishing, 2005)
    We present equilateral hyperbolic zone plates with variable focal length, which are formed as moiré patterns by a mutual rotation of two identical basic grids. Among others, all principal zone plates, except of the spherical ...
  • The Offner imaging spectrometer in quadrature 

    Prieto Blanco, Xesús; Montero Orille, Carlos; González Núñez, Héctor; Mouriz Cereijo, María Dolores; López Lago, Elena; Fuente Carballo, Raúl de la (OSA Publishing, 2010)
    This is a proposal and description of a new configuration for an Offner imaging spectrometer based on the theory of aberrations of off-plane classical-ruled spherical diffraction gratings. This new spectrometer comprises ...

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