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    • Absolute Radiometric Calibration of TESS-W and SQM Night Sky Brightness Sensors 

      Bará Viñas, Salvador Xurxo; Tapia, Carlos E.; Zamorano, Jaime (MDPI, 2019)
      We develop a general optical model and describe the absolute radiometric calibration of the readings provided by two widely-used night sky brightness sensors based on irradiance-to-frequency conversion. The calibration ...
    • Accuracy of refractive index spectroscopy by broadband interferometry 

      Arosa Lobato, Yago; Rodríguez-Fernández, Carlos Damián; Doval Casas, Alejandro; López Lago, Elena; Fuente Carballo, Raúl de la (Elsevier, 2022)
      Uncertainties of refractive and group index in dispersion measurement by spectrally resolved white light interferometry are deeply analyzed. First, the contribution to uncertainty of the different parameters affecting both ...
    • Active and Quantum Integrated Photonic Elements by Ion Exchange in Glass 

      Righini, Giancarlo C. ; Liñares Beiras, Jesús (MDPI, 2021)
      Ion exchange in glass has a long history as a simple and effective technology to produce gradient-index structures and has been largely exploited in industry and in research laboratories. In particular, ion-exchanged ...
    • Advanced Materials Based on Nanosized Hydroxyapatite 

      Rial Silva, Ramón; González Durruthy, Michael; Liu, Zhen; Ruso Beiras, Juan Manuel (MDPI, 2021)
      The development of new materials based on hydroxyapatite has undergone a great evolution in recent decades due to technological advances and development of computational techniques. The focus of this review is the various ...
    • Aggregation versus inclusion complexes to solubilize drugs with cyclodextrins. A case study using sulphobutylether-β-cyclodextrins and remdesivir 

      Piñeiro Guillén, Ángel; García Fandiño, Rebeca; PIPKIN, JAMES; Antle, Vince (Elsevier, 2021)
      The formation of small hybrid aggregates between excipient and drug molecules is one of the mechanisms that contributes to the solubilization of active principles in pharmaceutical formulations. The characterization of the ...
    • An Improved Pattern Synthesis Iterative Method in Planar Arrays for Obtaining Efficient Footprints with Arbitrary Boundaries 

      Salas Sánchez, Aarón Ángel; López Álvarez, Cibrán; Rodríguez González, Juan Antonio; López Martín, María Elena; Ares Pena, Francisco José (MDPI, 2021)
      In the present paper, an iterative technique devoted to reproducing efficient footprints with arbitrary boundaries for planar arrays is addressed. The methodology here depicted is based on exploiting the nature of the ...
    • Analysis of the temperature dependence of the thermal conductivity of insulating single crystal oxides 

      Langenberg Pérez, Eric; Ferreiro Vila, Elías; Leborán Alvarez, Víctor; Fumega, Adolfo; Pardo, Victor; Rivadulla Fernández, José Francisco (AIP Publishing LLC, 2016-10)
      The temperature dependence of the thermal conductivity of 27 different single crystal oxides is reported from ≈20 K to 350 K. These crystals have been selected among the most common substrates for growing epitaxial thin-film ...
    • Anisotropia inducida por campo magnético en perovskitas de cobalto 

      Mira Pérez, Jorge; Rivas Rey, José; Señarís Rodríguez, María Antonia (Real Academia Galega de Ciencias, 2001)
      En este trabajo se examina la anisotropía magnética de la perovskita de cobalto Lao.7Sro.3Co03, material de alto interés tecnológico. Las medidas convencionales, hechas en la zona de alto campo, arrojan un valor de ...
    • Anisotropic magnetic nanoparticles for biomedicine: bridging frequency separated AC-field controlled domains of actuation 

      Serantes Abalo, David; Chantrell, Roy W.; Gavilán, Helena; Puerto Morales, María del; Chubykalo-Fesenko, Oksana; Baldomir Fernández, Daniel; Satoh, Akira (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018)
      Magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) constitute promising nanomedicine tools based on the possibility of obtaining different actuations (for example, heating or mechanical response) triggered by safe remote stimuli. Particularly, ...
    • Anomalous response in the orbital magnetic susceptibility of 2d topological systems 

      Faílde Balea, Daniel; Baldomir Fernández, Daniel (Wiley, 2022)
      2D compounds with nonzero Berry curvature are ideal systems to study exotic and technologically favorable thermoelectric and magnetoelectric properties. Within this class of materials, the topological trivial and nontrivial ...
    • Anthropogenic disruption of the night sky darkness in urban and rural areas 

      Bará Viñas, Salvador Xurxo (Royal Society Open Science, 2016-10-19)
      The growing emissions of artificial light to the atmosphere are producing, among other effects, a significant increase of the night sky brightness (NSB) above its expected natural values. A permanent sensor network has ...
    • Apparent auxetic to non-auxetic crossover driven by Co2+ redistribution in CoFe2O4 thin films 

      Ferreiro Vila, Elías; Iglesias Bernardo, Lucía; Lucas del Pozo, Irene; Varela Domínguez, Noa; Bui, Cong Tinh; Rivas Murias, Beatriz; Vila Fungueiriño, José Manuel; Jiménez Cavero, Pilar; Magen, César; Morellón, Luis; Pardo Castro, Víctor; Rivadulla Fernández, José Francisco (AIP Publishing, 2019)
      Oxide spinels of general formula AB2O4 (A = Mg2+, Fe2+; B = Al3+, Cr3+, etc.) constitute one of the most abundant crystalline structures in mineralogy. In this structure, cations distribute among octahedral and tetrahedral ...
    • Aprendizaje de la Teoría de la Relatividad Restringida de Einstein. Estado de la Cuestión 

      Prado Orbán, Xabier; Domínguez Castiñeiras, Xosé Manuel; Area Carracedo, Iván Carlos; Paredes, Ángel; Mira Pérez, Jorge (Universidad de Cádiz, 2020)
      En este artículo se analizan las dificultades de aprendizaje de la Teoría de la Relatividad Restringida deEinstein. La información se ha obtenido y seleccionado de las bases de datos Web of ...
    • Are Dutch and French languages miscible? 

      Seoane Iglesias, Luís F.; Mira Pérez, Jorge (Springer, 2022)
      French and Dutch are two languages of different origins (Germanic vs. Romance) that coexist within the nation-state of Belgium. While they are mostly segregated throughout the Belgian territory, in Brussels they reach an ...
    • A asfixia branca: mito e realidade de vintecinco mortes por un raio 

      Fernández Álvarez, Roberto; Mira Pérez, Jorge; Blanco Rodríguez, Antonio (Asociación Galega de Medicina Familiar e Comunitaria, 2021)
    • Astigmatism in the basic Offner spectrometer 

      González Núñez, Héctor; Montero Orille, Carlos; Fuente Carballo, Raúl de la (Elsevier, 2021)
      The in-plane configuration of the basic Offner spectrometer is revised. The locations of meridional and sagittal images of the slit center are analyzed when the slit is displaced in the axial direction from the usual ...
    • Automated semantic annotation of rare disease cases: a case study 

      Taboada Iglesias, María Jesús; Rodríguez Castiñeira, Hadriana; Martínez Hernández, Diego; Pardo Parrado, María; Sobrido Gómez, María Jesús (Oxford Univesity Press, 2014)
      Motivation: As the number of clinical reports in the peer-reviewed medical literature keeps growing, there is an increasing need for online search tools to find and analyze publications on patients with similar clinical ...
    • Beyond the blocking model to fit nanoparticle ZFC/FC magnetisation curves 

      Livesey, Karen L.; Ruta, Sergiu; Anderson, N. R.; Baldomir Fernández, Daniel; Chantrell, Roy W.; Serantes Abalo, David (Nature Publishing Group, 2018)
      We consider the probability of a magnetic nanoparticle to flip its magnetisation near the blocking temperature, and use this to develop quasi-analytic expressions for the zero-field-cooled and field-cooled magnetisation, ...
    • Bioelectronics-on-a-chip for cardio myoblast proliferation enhancement using electric field stimulation 

      Aragón Beloso, Angel Luis; Cebro Márquez, María; Pérez Trigo, Eliseo; Pazos Álvarez, Antonio; Lage Fernández, Ricardo; González Juanatey, José Ramón; Moscoso Galán, Isabel; Bao Varela, María del Carmen; Nieto García, Daniel (Springer Nature, 2020)
      Background: Cardio myoblast generation from conventional approaches is laborious and time-consuming. We present a bioelectronics on-a-chip for stimulating cells cardio myoblast proliferation during culture. Method: The ...
    • Buratos negros: as zonas vedadas do Universo 

      Mira Pérez, Jorge (Galaxia, 2019)
      Revísase a historia da física dos buratos negros, dende a primeira vez na que apareceu o concepto ata a obtención da primeira fotografía dun deles, o que supón un punto de inflexión na historia da astrofísica

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