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    • A Useful SNP Panel to Distinguish Two Cockle Species, Cerastoderma edule and C. glaucum, Co-Occurring in Some European Beds, and Their Putative Hybrids 

      Maroso, Francesco; Pérez de Gracia Pérez, Celia; Iglesias Estepa, David; Cao Hermida, María Asunción; Díaz Costas, Seila María; Villalba García, Antonio; Vera Rodríguez, Manuel; Martínez Portela, Paulino (MDPI, 2019)
      Cockles are highly appreciated mollusks and provide important services in coastal areas. The two European species, edible (Cerastoderma edule) and lagoon (Cerastoderma glaucum) cockles, are not easily distinguishable, ...
    • Using fire to enhance rewilding when agricultural policies fail 

      Campos, João Carlos; Bernhardt, Julia; Aquilué, Núria; Brotons, Lluís; Domínguez Conde, Jesús; Lomba, Ângela; Marcos, Bruno; Martínez Freiría, Fernando; Moreira, Francisco; Pais, Silvana; Honrado, Joâo P.; Regos Sanz, Adrián (Elsevier, 2021)
      Rewilding has been proposed as an opportunity for biodiversity conservation in abandoned landscapes. However, rewilding is challenged by the increasing fire risk associated with more flammable landscapes, and the loss of ...
    • Vaccine-induced modulation of gene expression in turbot peritoneal cells. A microarray approach 

      Fontenla Iglesias, Francisco; Blanco Abad, Verónica; Gómez Pardo, María Belén; Folgueira López, Iria; Noia Guldrís, Manuel; Gómez Tato, Antonio; Martínez Portela, Paulino; Leiro Vidal, José Manuel; Lamas Fernández, Jesús (Elsevier, 2016-06-22)
      We used a microarray approach to examine changes in gene expression in turbot peritoneal cells after injection of the fish with vaccines containing the ciliate parasite Philasterides dicentrarchi as antigen and one of ...
    • Variability of mitochondrial ORFans hints at possible differences in the system of doubly uniparental inheritance of mitochondria among families of freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionida) 

      Guerra, Davide; Lopes-Lima, Manuel; Froufe, Elsa; Gan, Han Ming; Ondina Navarret, María Paz; Amaro González, Rafaela María; Klunzinger, Michael W.; Callil, Claudia; Prié, Vincent; Bogan, Arthur E.; Stewart, Donald T.; Breton, Sophie (BMC, 2019)
      Supernumerary ORFan genes (i.e., open reading frames without obvious homology to other genes) are present in the mitochondrial genomes of gonochoric freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionida) showing doubly uniparental ...
    • Variation in anonymous and EST-microsatellites suggests adaptive population divergence in turbot 

      Vilas Peteiro, Román; Bouza Fernández, María Carmen; Vera Rodríguez, Manuel; Millán Pérez, Adrián; Martínez Portela, Paulino (Inter-Research, 2010)
      We studied the variation at 30 anonymous and 30 expressed sequence tag (EST)-associated microsatellites in 4 natural populations of turbot Scophthalmus maximus living in habitats with different salinity and temperature ...
    • Watersiporidae (Bryozoa) in Iberian waters: an update on alien and native species 

      Reverter Gil, Óscar; Souto Derungs, Javier (Springer, 2019)
      Species of the genus Watersipora comprise an important invasive fouling group but are difficult to identify up to species level. This problem, in conjunction with the recent re-description of several member species, requires ...
    • Whole genome sequencing of turbot (Scophthalmus maximus; Pleuronectiformes): A fish adapted to demersal life 

      Figueras, Antonio; Robledo Sánchez, Diego; Corvelo, André; Hermida Prieto, Miguel; Pereiro, Patricia; Rubiolo Gaytán, Juan Andrés; Gómez Garrido, Jèssica; Carreté, Laia; Bello Paderne, Xabier; Gut, Marta; Marcet-Houben, Marina; Forn-Cuní, Gabriel; Galán, Beatriz; García López, José Luis; Abal Fabeiro, José Luis; Gómez Pardo, María Belén; Taboada Penoucos, Xoana; Fernández López, José Carlos; Vlasova, Anna; Hermoso Pulido, Toni; Guigo, Roderic; Álvarez Dios, José Antonio; Gómez Tato, Antonio; Viñas Díaz, Ana María; Maside Rodríguez, Xulio; Gabaldón, Toni; Novoa, Beatriz; Bouza Fernández, María Carmen; Alioto, Tyler; Martínez Portela, Paulino (Oxford University Press, 2016)
      The turbot is a flatfish (Pleuronectiformes) with increasing commercial value, which has prompted active genomic research aimed at more efficient selection. Here we present the sequence and annotation of the turbot genome, ...
    • Zebrafish Models of Autosomal Dominant Ataxias 

      Quelle Regaldie, Ana; Sobrido Cameán, Daniel; Barreiro Iglesias, Antón; Sobrido Gómez, María Jesús; Sánchez Piñón, Laura Elena (MDPI, 2021)
      Hereditary dominant ataxias are a heterogeneous group of neurodegenerative conditions causing cerebellar dysfunction and characterized by progressive motor incoordination. Despite many efforts put into the study of these ...
    • Zebrafish Models of Autosomal Recessive Ataxias 

      Quelle Regaldie, Ana; Sobrido Cameán, Daniel; Barreiro Iglesias, Antón; Sobrido Gómez, María Jesús; Sánchez Piñón, Laura Elena (MDPI, 2021)
      Autosomal recessive ataxias are much less well studied than autosomal dominant ataxias and there are no clearly defined systems to classify them. Autosomal recessive ataxias, which are characterized by neuronal and ...

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