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    • Apparent auxetic to non-auxetic crossover driven by Co2+ redistribution in CoFe2O4 thin films 

      Ferreiro Vila, Elías; Iglesias Bernardo, Lucía; Lucas del Pozo, Irene; Varela Domínguez, Noa; Bui, Cong Tinh; Rivas Murias, Beatriz; Vila Fungueiriño, José Manuel; Jiménez Cavero, Pilar; Magen, César; Morellón, Luis; Pardo Castro, Víctor; Rivadulla Fernández, José Francisco (AIP Publishing, 2019)
      Oxide spinels of general formula AB2O4 (A = Mg2+, Fe2+; B = Al3+, Cr3+, etc.) constitute one of the most abundant crystalline structures in mineralogy. In this structure, cations distribute among octahedral and tetrahedral ...
    • Epitaxial stabilization of pulsed laser deposited Srn+1IrnO3n+1 thin films: Entangled effect of growth dynamics and strain 

      Gutiérrez Llorente, Araceli; Iglesias Bernardo, Lucía; Rodríguez González, Benito; Rivadulla Fernández, José Francisco (AIP Publishing, 2018)
      The subtle balance of electronic correlations, crystal field splitting, and spin–orbit coupling in layered Ir4+ oxides can give rise to novel electronic and magnetic phases. Experimental progress in this field relies on ...

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