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    • Observation of nuclear-spin Seebeck effect 

      Kikkawa, Takashi; Reitz, Derek; Ito, H.; Makiuchi, Takahiko; Sugimoto, T.; Tsunekawa, K.; Daimon, Shunsuke; Oyanagi, Koichi; Ramos Amigo, Rafael Enrique; Takahashi, Satoshi; Shiomi, Yuki; Tserkovnyak, Yaroslav; Saitoh, Eiji (Nature Publishing Group, 2021)
      Thermoelectric effects have been applied to power generators and temperature sensors that convert waste heat into electricity. The effects, however, have been limited to electrons to occur, and inevitably disappear at low ...
    • Studying an antiaromatic polycyclic hydrocarbon adsorbed on different surfaces 

      Mjazik, Zsolt; Pavliček, Niko; Vilas-Varela, Manuel; Pérez Meirás, María Dolores; Moll, Nikolaj; Guitián Rivera, Enrique; Meyer, Gehrard; Peña Gil, Diego; Gross, Leo (Springer Nature, 2018-03-22)
      Antiaromatic and open-shell molecules are attractive because of their distinct electronic and magnetic behaviour. However, their increased reactivity creates a challenge for probing their properties. Here, we describe the ...

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