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    • Anion recognition and induced self-assembly of an alpha,gamma-cyclic peptide to form spherical clusters 

      Rodríguez-Vázquez, Nuria; Amorín López, Manuel; Granja Guillán, Juan Ramón; Alfonso, Ignacio (Wiley, 2016-03-21)
      A cyclic octapeptide composed of hydroxy-functionalized γ-amino acids folds in a "V-shaped" conformation that allows the selective recognition of anions such as chloride, nitrate, and carbonate. The process involves the ...
    • Organometallic catalysis in biological media and living settings 

      Martínez Calvo, Miguel; Mascareñas Cid, José Luis (Elsevier, 2018-01-29)
      Organometallic catalysis has allowed the development of an impressive number of chemical transformations that could not be achieved using classical methodologies. Most of these reactions have been accomplished in organic ...
    • Recent Advances in Controlling the Internal and External Properties of Self‐Assembling Cyclic Peptide Nanotubes and Dimers 

      Rodríguez Vázquez, Nuria; Amorín López, Manuel; Granja Guillán, Juan Ramón (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017-06-07)
      One of the most powerful strategies for the preparation of nanotubes is based on the stacking of flat-shaped cyclic peptide components. This strategy allows precise control of the nanotube internal diameter, the external ...
    • Self-assembling alfa,gamma-cyclic peptides that generate cavities with tunable properties 

      Rodríguez Vázquez, Nuria; García Fandiño, Rebeca; Amorín López, Manuel; Granja Guillán, Juan Ramón (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-01-01)
      The design and synthesis of β-sheet-based self-assembling cyclic peptides with tunable cavities is described. The incorporation of a γ-amino acid with a hydroxyl group at C2 allows the incorporation of different groups ...
    • Self-assembling molecular capsules based on alpha, gamma-Cyclic peptides 

      Ozores, Lionel Haxel; Amorín López, Manuel; Granja Guillán, Juan Ramón (American Chemical Society, 2016-12-20)
      A new capsule based on a β-sheet self-assembling cyclic peptide with the ability to recognize and release several guests is described. The host structure is composed of two self-complementary α,γ-cyclic peptides bearing a ...
    • Self-Assembly of Silver Metal Clusters of Small Atomicity on Cyclic Peptide Nanotubes 

      Cuerva, Miguel; García Fandiño, Rebeca; Vázquez Vázquez, Carlos; López Quintela, Manuel Arturo; Montenegro García, Javier; Granja Guillán, Juan Ramón (American Chemical Society, 2015-10-06)
      Subnanometric noble metal clusters, composed by only a few atoms, behave like molecular entities and display magnetic, luminescent and catalytic activities. However, non-covalent interactions of molecular metal clusters, ...
    • Self‐assembling Venturi‐like peptide nanotubes 

      Fuertes, Alberto; Ozores, Lionel Haxel; Amorín López, Manuel; Granja Guillán, Juan Ramón (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017-01-14)
      We describe the design and synthesis of self-assembling peptide nanotubes that have an internal filter area and whose length and internal diameters, at the entrance and in the constricted area, are precisely controlled
    • Towards taxane analogues synthesis by dienyne ring closing metathesis 

      Pérez-Estrada, S.; Sayar, N.; Granja Guillán, Juan Ramón (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016-10-01)
      Herein we report the facile construction of taxadiene analogues by ring closing metathesis of dienynes built on a cyclohexenone with a natural configuration at C1 and its further transformation to incorporate most of the ...

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