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    • 3D printed carboxymethyl cellulose scaffolds for autologous growth factors delivery in wound healing 

      Díaz Gómez, Luis Antonio; González Prada, Iago; Millán Lence, Rosendo; Silva Candal, Andrés da; Bugallo Casal, Ana; Campos Pérez, Francisco; Concheiro Nine, Ángel Joaquín; Álvarez Lorenzo, Carmen Isabel (Elsevier, 2022)
      This work aims to use carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) as main structural and functional component of 3D printed scaffolds for healing of diabetic wounds. Differently from previous inks involving small contents in CMC, herein ...
    • Controlled Release of rAAV Vectors from APMA-Functionalized Contact Lenses for Corneal Gene Therapy 

      Álvarez Rivera, Fernando; Rey Rico, Ana; Venkatesan, Jagadeesh Kumar; Díaz Gómez, Luis Antonio; Cucchiarini, Magali; Concheiro Nine, Ángel Joaquín; Álvarez Lorenzo, Carmen Isabel (MDPI, 2020)
      As an alternative to eye drops and ocular injections for gene therapy, the aim of this work was to design for the first time hydrogel contact lenses that can act as platforms for the controlled delivery of viral vectors ...
    • Dual-Targeted Hyaluronic Acid/Albumin Micelle-Like Nanoparticles for the Vectorization of Doxorubicin 

      Curcio, Manuela; Díaz Gómez, Luis Antonio; Cirillo, Giuseppe; Nicoletta, Fiore Pasquale; Leggio, Antonella; Lemma, Francesca (MDPI, 2021)
      Drug targeting of tumor cells is one of the great challenges in cancer therapy; nanoparticles based on natural polymers represent valuable tools to achieve this aim. The ability to respond to environmental signals from the ...

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