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    • Shoot tip necrosis of in vitro plant cultures: a reappraisal of possible causes and solutions 

      Teixeira da Silva, Jaime A.; Nezami Alanagh, Esmaeil; Barreal, M. Esther; Kher, Mafatlal M.; Wicaksono, Adhityo; Gulyás, Andrea; Hidvégi, Norbert; Magyar Tábori, Katalin; Mendler Drienyovszki, Nóra; Márton, László; Landín Pérez, Mariana; Gallego, Pedro Pablo; Driver, John A.; Dobránszki, Judit (Springer, 2020)
      Shoot tip necrosis is a physiological condition and disorder that can arise in plantlets or shoots in vitro that results in death of the shoot tip. This condition, which can spread basipetally and affect the emergence of ...

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