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    • Interspecies differences in protein expression do not impact the spatiotemporal regulation of glycoprotein VI mediated activation 

      Dunster, Joanne L.; Unsworth, Amanda J.; Bye, Alexander P.; Haining, Elizabeth J.; Sowa, Marcin A.; Di, Ying; Sage, Tanya; Pallin, Chiara; Pike, Jeremy A.; Hardy, Alexander T.; Nieswandt, Bernhard; García Alonso, Ángel; Watson, Steve P.; Poulter, Natalie S.; Gibbins, Jonathan M.; Pollitt, Alice Y. (Wiley, 2019)
      Accurate protein quantification is a vital prerequisite for generating meaningful predictions when using systems biology approaches, a method that is increasingly being used to unravel the complexities of subcellular ...

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