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    • Expansion of different subpopulations of CD26−/low T cells in allergic and non-allergic asthmatics 

      Nieto Fontarigo, Juan José; Salgado Castro, Francisco Javier; San José Capilla, María Esther; Cruz, María Jesús; Valdés Cuadrado, Luis Guillermo; Pérez Díaz, Amparo; Arias Crespo, María Pilar; Nogueira Álvarez, Montserrat; González Barcala, Francisco Javier (Nature Publishing Group, 2019)
      CD26 displays variable levels between effector (TH17 ≫ TH1 > TH2 > Treg) and naïve/memory (memory > naïve) CD4+ T lymphocytes. Besides, IL-6/IL−6R is associated with TH17-differentiation and asthma severity. Allergic/atopic ...
    • The CD14 (−159 C/T) SNP is associated with sCD14 levels and allergic asthma, but not with CD14 expression on monocytes 

      Nieto Fontarigo, Juan José; Salgado Castro, Francisco Javier; San-José, M. E.; Cruz, M. J.; Casas-Fernández, A.; Gómez-Conde, M. J.; Valdés Cuadrado, Luis Guillermo; García González, Miguel Ángel; Arias Crespo, María Pilar; Nogueira, M.; González Barcala, Francisco Javier (Springer Nature, 2018-03-07)
      LPS-ligation to CD14/TLR-4 on monocytes/macrophages triggers the production of IL-12-family cytokines. IL12/18 promote TH1-differentiation, counteracting the TH2-driven asthma. Therefore, CD14 modulation could alter the ...

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