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    • Antibacterial activity and molecular docking studies of a selected series of Hydroxy-3-arylcoumarins 

      Pisano, Maria Barbara; Kumar, Amit; Medda, Rosaria Medda; Gatto, Gianluca; Pal, Rajesh; Fais, Antonella; Era, Benedetta; Cosentino, Sofia; Uriarte Villares, Eugenio; Santana Penín, María Lourdes; Pintus, Francesca; Matos, Maria João Correia Pinto Carvalho de (MDPI, 2019)
      Antibiotic resistance is one of the main public health concerns of this century. This resistance is also associated with oxidative stress, which could contribute to the selection of resistant bacterial strains. Bearing ...
    • Tyrosinase inhibitor activity of coumarin-resveratrol hybrids 

      Fais, Antonella; Corda, Marcella; Era, Benedetta; Fadda, M. Benedetta; Matos, Maria João Correia Pinto Carvalho de; Quezada González, Elías Neftalí; Santana Penín, María Lourdes; Picciau, Carmen; Podda, Gianni; Delogu, Giovanna Lucia (MDPI, 2009)
      In the present work we report on the contribution of the coumarin moiety to tyrosinase inhibition. Coumarin-resveratrol hybrids 1-8 have been resynthesized to investigate the structure-activity relationships and the IC50 ...

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