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    • Oligoalanine helical callipers for cell penetration 

      Pazo Pascual, Marta; Juanes Carrasco, Marisa; Lostalé Seijo, Irene; Montenegro García, Javier (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018-05-23)
      Even for short peptides that are enriched in basic amino acids, the large chemical space that can be spanned by combinations of natural amino acids hinders the rational design of cell penetrating peptides. We here report ...
    • Tuning the properties of penetrating peptides by oxime conjugation 

      Pazo Pascual, Marta; Fernández Caro, Héctor; Priegue Caamaño, Juan Manuel; Lostalé Seijo, Irene; Montenegro García, Javier (Georg Thieme Verlag, 2017-01-25)
      We here describe the application of oxime bond formation between a peptide scaffold and different aldehydes to modify the transporting capabilities of penetrating peptides. We show that bonds such as oximes offer a great ...

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